Key Information

Aged 20.

Youngest of 3 brothers and 2 sisters

His weapon is sabre

Started fencing in 2008

Currently at Kings College London balancing his studies in Computing and Robotics with his fencing training.

Sporting heroes:
   Sir Steve Redgrave (does not let disability stop him)
   Chris Buxton (a brilliant coach)

   Golden retriever called Ruby
   Crazy springer spaniel called Millie

Likes: facebook, Phone, PlayStation, Badminton, Tennis, Paintballing, walking dogs on beach

Secret of success: "Eating and sleeping well"

After winning the GB Junior Sabre Championship for the third time Will said:-

I believe my success is down to my hard work and determination and the will to always want to be the very best I can. I am currently training full-time in London as part of the World Class Programme. Here I train every day of the week in a combination of strength and conditioning, footwork, agility and sparring. It is this full-time training that I believe has allowed me to reach a higher level in my fencing.

I started fencing around 9 years ago when I moved to Truro and went to Truro Prep School. My mother always told me to try as many activities as possible to really find one I liked. I saw that Truro Prep had a beginner fencing activity, I actually had to ask what fencing was as I had no idea. After it was explained to me I desperately wanted to give it a go! Unfortunately for me, most of my friends were in the intermediate fencing group as they had begun the term before. Like many kids I just wanted to be with my friends so I really tried hard in the beginner group in the hope I would be moved up into the better one. When that time eventually came I had already fallen in love with the sport and I have continued to fence ever since.